Radio Reporting

Five Padraig Records, LLC recordings (“Banjo Sonata,” “We All Need Heroes,” “Kentucky Home,” “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues,” and “An American Concerto For 5-String Banjo & Orchestra”) are available to radio through AirPlay Direct!


Tim Lake ‘s recordings are receiving radio play from PBS stations across the US , Europe , and Japan. Here are a few of the highlights.



We are proud to announce the release of our new album entitled “We All Need Heroes.” It was released on January 11, 2005 distributed by Synergy Distribution, Denver , Colorado . We will begin a national radio campaign in February through Max Horowitz and Crossover Media from New York City .

“We All Need Heroes” is a new collection of original songs and studio recordings by Tim Lake that at once addresses the spiritual issues that we all confront daily during these turbulent times as well as the role of the banjo in American popular music. With the support of an all-star cast (piano, woodwinds, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, double bass, tuba, and percussion) this recording features a series of four songs inspired by the “9/11” events that begins with “We All Need Heroes” and ends with “If Only I Was A Praying Man” (a comparison between the Roman Empire of 380AD headed by Theodosius II and the situation that the United Sates finds itself in today) while the banjo employs inventive four and five string styles with inspired solos such as the raucous banjo solo on “Who’s The Lord Get To Talk To?” (God wants to know whom He can talk to).


Radio Promotion Highlights

1. Tennessee
WPLM, Nashville, TN – Dave Higgs, Nashville Public Radio “Many thanks for sending us a copy of Tim Lake’s most recent outing-and what an adventuresome and interesting one it is! The songs certainly have some “meat” on them and sport insightful lyrics as well as fascinating arrangements. I was especially taken with Annette And Me (a tune with which I can readily identify!), the title track (We All Need Heroes), Ain’t Nobody Normal Anymore, If Only I Was A Praying Man and Sail For The Lord. Tim is to be commended for tackling some tough issues and dealing with them in such a sane and literate fashion. I’ll be doing my best to get the word out here in Nashville and in our other syndicated locations.”

2. Virginia
WTJU, Charlottesville , VA – George Dayton, “Bottom line: I think it is a great release and will do well nationally as well as here.”

3. Montana
KGLT, Bozman , MT – Rik James “I like Tim’s stuff, and played his earlier CDs. This one once again impresses me.”

4. New Mexico
KBAC, Santa Fe , NM – Jack Kolkmeyer “Thanks loads for the Tim Lake CD. Wow, gently off center, but right on track, lots of great songs. I’ll play If Only I Was A Praying Man, That’s Why I’m Smiling, Outside Looking In, and Ain’t Nobody Normal Anymore. I like his ballad side.”

5. Connecticut
WVOF, Bridgeport , CT – The Upper Room with Joe Kelley Ain’t Nobody Normal Anymore played many times in March

WHUS, Storrs , CT – Susan Forbes Hansen “I ESPECIALLY liked Praise The Lord And Shoot To Kill”

6. New York
WICB, Ithaca , NY – Gene Endres “I found several of the songs quite interesting with strong subject matter. I will air: “Are You Ready,” “Only Eat When You’re Hungry,” and “If Only I Was A Praying Man.”

7. Oregon
KMUN, Astoria , OR – “I like They Will Always Love You and Only Eat When You’re Hungry.”

8. Arkansas
KASU State University, AR – Marty Scarbrough “I like it a lot.”

9. Massachusetts
WFCR, Amherst , MA – Susan Forbes Hansen “I ESPECIALLY liked Praise The Lord And Shoot To Kill”

10. Texas
KEDT, Corpus Christy, TX – “Very well produced CD”

KTEP, El Paso , TX – Stacy Osbourne “The interview with Tim Lake went great.”



John Shelton Ivany’s Top 10 Recommended Albums (Mar.3-Mar. 10, 2005) – Tim Lake We All Need Heroes Padraig



CROSSOVER MEDIA “Kentucky Home” selected comments for week ending May 18, 2001

California , Davis , KDVS – (Folk) “Enjoyed it very much”

California , Fresno , KFRF – (Folk) “We love Tim Lake ”

Colorado , Fort Collins , KTCL – ( Americana ) “Terrific Artist”

Illinois , Champaign , WEFT – (Folk) “#6 on WEFT Folk, Country, & Bluegrass Top 20”

Illinois , Macomb , WIUM – (Folk) “Lots of talent, Good Tunes”

Maine , Portland , WMPG – (Folk) “We like Tim Lake ”

Montana , Bozeman , KGLT – (Folk) “Fine Player”

New York , New York , WFIT-AM – (A3) “Great Stuff will Top 10 C M J, N A V”

New York , Staten Island , WSIA – (Folk) Tim is a Top 20 artist at WSIA”

Oregon , Jefferson PR, – (Folk) “Network 20 Stations”

Oregon , Portland , KLC – (Folk) “Getting Heavy Rotation”

Texas , Bryan , KEOS – (Folk) “Mighty Fine, Double Album”

Vermont , Colchester , Vermont PR – (Folk) “Network 3 Stations”



February 6-12, 2003 – The John Shelton Ivany Top 21 CDs picked “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” under ‘other CD picks’

January 9, 2003 – Toronto , Canada ‘s CIUT-FM picked “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” as one of the Top 30 Jazz “Chart Toppers” for 2002

August 28, 2002 – CIUT-FM, Toronto , Canada , picked “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” #1Jazz Chart

August 21, 2002 – CIUT-FM, Toronto , Canada , picked “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” #3 Jazz Chart

February 21-28, 2002 – The John Shelton Ivany Top 21 CDs picked “Kentucky Home” as one of the best

June 1, 2001 – WMNR, Monroe , CT , “Kentucky Home” featured release

April 30, 2001 – NSEO 95.2 FM, Paris , France “Kentucky Home”

April 3, 2001 – Radio Zusa, Lueneburg, Germany, “Kentucky Home” Sitting On Top Of The World, Orange Blossom Special, and St. James Infirmary

March 2001 – KASU-FM “Kentucky Home” received “Heavy Airplay” in the Bluegrass/Country/Traditional Folk category

March 5, 2001 – WSIA, Staten Island , NY : David Shear says about “Kentucky Home” “Added this past Friday. Bluegrass doesn’t generally do great here though Tim’s past recordings have always charted Top 20 folk. Go figure.”

March 4, 2001 – KGLT-FM, Bozeman , MT , “Kentucky Home”

February 25, 2001 – WRUR Rochester , NY , “Kentucky Home”

February 17, 2001 – WEFT 90.1 FM Champaign, IL “Kentucky Home” #6 in Top 20 Charts

December 22, 2000 – KAFM, Grand Junction, CO, Jerry Tiemann writes, “I groove on “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” personally and I’ve played your version of Handel on so many different styles of show.”


CROSSOVER MEDIA – “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” selected comments for week ending October 23, 1999-2008

Alaska , Kodiak, KMXT – (Jazz) “The Tim Lake project is doing very well.”

Arkansas , Fayetteville , KUAT – (Classical/Americana) “Really like it.”

California , Philo, KZYX – (Classical/Blues) “Liked it, spinning it.”

Illinois , Quincy , WQUB – (Classical/Jazz) “ Lake is a great musician.”

Kentucky , Murray , WFGE – ( Americana ) “One of the best “Pure Music” CDs.”

Louisiana , Baton Rouge , WRFK – (Jazz) “ Tim Lake ? It’s a good one.”

Massachusetts , South Hadley , WMHC – (World) “CMJ-NWor. Heavy rotation and doing wonderful!”

Maryland , Worton, WKHS – (Rock) “I like “A Big Fat Blowhard Like You.”

Michigan , University Center , WUCX – (Classical/Jazz/Blues) “The new Tim Lake album is great.”

Montana , Dillon, KBEV – (Oldies) “By far my fav. release of late.”

North Carolina , Chapel Hill , WUNC – (Folk) “I like all Tim Lake CDs.”

Nebraska , Omaha , KVNO – (Jazz) “Fire With Love”

New Jersey , Teaneck , WFDU, – (A3) “I played Tim Lake , it’s real good.”

New Mexico , Las Cruces , KRWG, (Classical) “A good record that we’ll play often.”

New York , Syracuse , WCNY – (Classical) “Sheehan’s Smile’ is our favorite.”

Ohio , Dayton , WDPS, ( Americana ) “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues,” a winner.”

Ohio , Yellow Springs, WYSO – ( Americana ) “I like this album a lot.”

Tennessee , Johnson City , WETS – ( Americana ) “Most excellent!”

Vermont , Plainfield , WGDR – (A3/Blues) “We like this album. I’m glad Tim is mixing it up.”

Washington, Seattle, WORLDWIDE – (Blues/R&B) “JB&B sounds real good.”

Washington , Spokane , KPBX – (Classical/Jazz/Blues) “JB&B is wonderful.”

October 12, 1999-2008 – WRKF-FM, Baton Rouge, LA, “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” playing Jazz With Bluegreass & Blues and Handel’s Dueling Banjos

May 7, 1999-2008 – Radio Zusa, Lueneburg , Germany , “Live In Tokyo , Japan “

March 5, 1999-2008 – Alphabeat, “The Quiet Zone,” Sinzig , Germany , “Live In Tokyo, Japan” #6 in Top 20 chart report

February 26, 1999-2008 – KASU-FM, State University, AR, Medium Airplay “Live In Tokyo , Japan “

February 16, 1999-2008 – Radio Zusa, Luenburg , Germany , “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues,”

“Handel’s Dueling Banjos Con AlleluiaY Sarabande”

February 2, 1999-2008 – Alphabeat, “The Quiet Zone,” Sinzig , Germany , “Live In Tokyo, Japan” #14 in Top 20 chart report

December 14, 1998 – Alphabeat, “The Quiet Zone,” Sinzig , Germany , “Only In The Movies”

August 29, 1997 – KASU-FM, State University, AR, Light Airplay “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” “Only In The Movies”

May 16, 1998 – Bluegrass Island , Cornwall , Canada , “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues,” “Sheehan’s Smile”

January 16 & 30, 1998 – Radio 88.4 JAZZ-FM, Mosina , Poland , “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues”

January 1998 – KFRF, Fresno , CA , “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues”-“Pick of the litter. Great stuff!”/ “Only In The Movies”-“Love the Big Band stuff, Cherokee and Four Brothers”

January 20, 1998 – Radio Zusa, Luenburg , Germany , “An American Concerto For 5-String Banjo And Orchestra” Movement I/ “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues”/”Only In The Movies” This World Is Your World

August 29, 1997 – KASU-FM, State University , AR , Light Airplay, “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” and “Only In the Movies”

June 3, 1997 – Alphabeat, Sinzig , Germany , “Only In The Movies,” “Jazz With Bluegrass & Blues” and “An American Concerto For 5-String Banjo And Orchestra”