Three New Album Releases

“A Moment” – “Portraits Of Japan” – “Same Old Roadside Inn”

Padraig Records, LLC is proud to announce the September 8, 2023 release of three new digital albums entitled “A Moment,” “Portraits Of Japan,” and “Same Old Roadside Inn” distributed by MVD Distribution to all downloading and streaming platforms. “A Moment” is a set of original songs by singer-songwriter/banjoist Tim Lake poignantly portraying the varied mosaic of everyday lives. “Portraits Of Japan” blends Lake’s originals with Japanese tunes featuring banjo performances with shakuhachi flute, koto, taiko drums, and shamisen performers. “Same Old Roadside Inn” is Tim Lake’s debut album showcasing his breadth as a singer-songwriter/ banjo/guitarist musically spanning a wide range of American styles. All recordings feature supporting casts of world class musicians such as pianist Jay Flippin, shakuhachi flute master Kuniyoshi Sugawara, dobro extraordinaire Jerry Douglas, and steel guitarist John Heinrich to name a few.




Tim Lake “An American Concerto For 5-String Banjo & Orchestra” Concert

Composer Tim Lake will perform his banjo concerto entitled “An American Concerto For 5-String Banjo & Orchestra” with the Centre College Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Jaemi Loeb on May 5, 2013 at 3:00 PM at the Weisiger Theater on the campus of Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Admission is free. Come and enjoy a live performance of this unique and special musical work.


Tim Lake Trio Concert
with special guests Dick Domek on piano and Danny Cecil on bass
The Kentucky Stage at The Market
Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 1 to 2 PM
Lexington Convention Center
Lexington, KY


Tim Lake Performance (photo)
with special guest Jay Flippin on piano
Winter Light Concert Series
Saturday, November 12, 2011 from 7-9 PM
The Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center
620 Greenup Street
Covington, Kentucky 41011


Tim Lake Trio Concerts

Tim Lake Trio Concert
with special guests Dick Domek on piano and Danny Cecil on bass
The Kentucky Stage at The Market
Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 1 to 2 PM
Lexington Convention Center
Lexington, KY

J. D Crowe Bluegrass Festival
September 2-4, 2010
Icthus Festival Grounds
Wilmore, KY

Sept. 2 Thursday
11:00 AM Tim Lake performance for Jessamine County School children

Sept. 4 Saturday
11:00 AM Tim Lake performance with banjo students
6:15 PM Tim Lake Trio original music performance

October 16, 2008, Thursday
Lexington Public Library 7:00 PM

October 17, 2008, Friday
Niles Center for American Music 12:00 PM
University of Kentucky

Tim Lake – Banjo, Guitar, and Vocal
Ken Holbrook – Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, and Vocal
Kevin Kerhberg – Bass

August 28-30, 2008
Banjo Seminar at J.D. Crowe Bluegrass Festival

June and July, 2008


Tour Of Japan

June 21 – Shizunai, Hokkaido Concert

June 24 – Sapporo live house concert in E Tomomaka club & Hokkaido University Banjo Workshop (We will play with Sugawara-san. He is simply the best Shakuhachi player that I have ever heard. I recorded an original composition with him entitled “Rokudan Breakdown” that will be released on my “Banjo Sonata” CD later this year.)

June 26 – Sendai & Tohuku University Banjo Workshop

June 29 – Tokyo Bluegrass Night

July 5 – Osaka live house concert in Oppidome club

July 11 – Kochi live house concert in Altec club

July 12 – Tokushima concert

July 13 – Ishii concert

July 14 – Hanoura Junior High School concert


September, 2007
Banjo Seminar at J.D. Crowe Bluegrass Festival


July, 2007
PBS Premiere on KET
”Heart Of The Hills” The Story Of Mountain Music
with Dr. Tim Lake performing and hosting a 15 minute segment


April 11, 2007
An Evening with The John Cowan Band and featuring Ethel, Bobby Osborne, Tim Lake and Dean Osborne, the Best of the Blue Grass
Lexington Opera House
7:00 P.M.
Tickets & information: (859) 225-0370
Tim Lake – banjo & vocal Tom Covello – bass Dave Farris – percussion Art Mize – fiddle


April 14, 2007
Best of the Bluegrass Workshop & Jam Session with Tim Lake, Dean Osborne, Daniel Carwile, ETHEL and much more
Downtown Arts Center
7:00 P.M.
$5 with instrument, $10 without instrument
Tickets and information: (859) 225-0370


Tim Lake & The Little Big Band in Concert
“An Evening of Original Songs & Banjo Picking”
What: Richmond Area Arts Council Concert Series
When: November 15, 2006 from 7:00 PM
Where: RAAC Performance Hall, 399 West Water Street, Richmond, KY
Who: Tim Lake-banjo, guitar & vocal
Jay Flippin-piano, keyboards
Ken Holbrook-guitar, mandolin, fiddle & vocal
Admission: $5.00 – $10.00
Contact: 859-624-4242


“Best Of The Bluegrass Concert”
Who: Concert with J.D. Crowe, Tim Lake, and Dean Osborne Bands
Tim Lake will be joined by Great Bluegrass area musicians Jay Flippin on piano and National Fiddle Champion Daniel Carwile.
What: Banjo Picking at its best
When: April 15, 2006 at 8:00PM
Where: Radisson Plaza Hotel in Lexington, Kentucky
Why: Lexington needs to learn more about and value its connection to American traditional music.


“Best Of The Bluegrass Banjo Seminar”
Who: J.D. Crowe, Tim Lake, and Dean Osborne and Mike Carr
What: Banjo Picking at its best
When: April 14, 2006 at a Time to be announced
Where: Downtown Arts Center in Lexington, Kentucky
Why: Lexington needs to learn more about and value its connection to American traditional music.


“We All Need Heroes”

Padraig Records is proud to announce the release of Tim Lake ‘s new album entitled “We All Need Heroes.” It was released on January 11, 2005 and is distributed by Synergy Distribution, Denver , Colorado .

“We All Need Heroes” is a new collection of original songs and studio recordings by Tim Lake that at once addresses the spiritual issues that we all confront daily during these turbulent times as well as the role of the banjo in American popular music. With the support of an all-star cast (piano, woodwinds, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, double bass, tuba, and percussion) this recording features a series of four songs inspired by the “9/11” events that begins with “We All Need Heroes” and ends with “If Only I Was A Praying Man” (a comparison between the Roman Empire of 380AD headed by Theodosius II and the situation that the United Sates finds itself in today) while the banjo employs inventive four and five string styles with inspired solos such as the raucous banjo solo on “Who’s The Lord Get To Talk To?” (God wants to know whom He can talk to).

Padraig Records will begin a national radio campaign in February 2005 through Max Horowitz and Crossover Media from New York City . Read the following letter and hear what Max has to say about “We All Need Heroes.”


“We All Need Heroes” is a new collection of original songs and studio recordings by Tim Lake that addresses the spiritual issues that we all confront daily during these turbulent times. It is also a CD featuring the banjo, an instrument rich in the history of American popular music. The seventeen original songs on this album stylistically span the entire breath of twentieth century popular song styles. With topical thought-provoking lyric content, Lake employs inventive use of four and five string banjo styles.

With the support of an all-star cast (Jay Flippin-piano, Dave Anderson-woodwinds, Ken Holbrook-fiddle, mandolin, and guitar, Nathan Wilson-double bass, John Heinrich-steel guitar, Rick Cook-trumpet, Bob Hackett-tuba, and Tripp Bratton-percussion along with Charlette and Daniel Thompson-background vocals) this recording features combinations of music and song not often heard nowadays.

The opening track on the CD, “Are You Ready?,” is an excursion down a country road in the Bible belt as the road signs ask the driver if he is ready for a meeting with Jesus. The combination of gospel piano, background singing, and uplifting banjo picking puts the listener in the front pew of a country church as ‘the spirit’ fills the soul of each parishioner on Sunday morning. The second song, “It’s You,” transports the listener into the early twentieth century with a pop song delicately backed by the four-string plectrum banjo and clarinet. “They Will Always Love You” is a folk/bluegrass tune that examines the dilemma faced by parents when trying to create relationships with their children that will always ‘light their way back home’ for the course of their lifetime.

The next four songs examine the events of today. With war being waged in the name of God, the title cut, “We All Need Heroes,” is a story told from the point of view of the surviving spouse of the “9/11” attacks on America . Poignantly, the song examines everyday life after all the tributes and memorials have come to an end. “Praise The Lord And Shoot To Kill” begins sardonically with children’s voices singing with glee about how glad they are that their religion won. As the banjo lilts in the background creating a foil reminiscent of the banjo usage in Kurt Weill’s “Three Penny Opera,” the song proceeds to indict and insight the listener, recounting the wars and genocide throughout history, and the killing in the name of God. “Two GIs In A Foreign Prison” is a theatrically based song about two unfortunate soldiers who become prisoners and think about all the things that they would do if they ‘only had another day.’ “If Only I Was A Praying Man,” draws a comparison between the reign of Emperor Theodosius II and the Roman Empire of 380AD, and our current situation that the United States finds itself in today. In this song, a simple Roman citizen wonders aloud at the inability of his pompous government to convince the barbarians that Roman civilization is indeed superior.

“Only Eat When You’re Hungry” is a conservation song that was inspired by Wendell Berry’s book, “The Unsettling Of America,” and the studio recording of this tune compliments previous live versions. “Annette And Me” should bring a chuckle to anyone old enough to remember the original Mickey Mouse Club. It seems that Tim was one of the youngsters that had a crush on Annette Funicello. “That’s Why I’m Smiling” is the tale of a proud and happy father who cherishes the time that he can spend with his son. The next song, “Sail For The Lord,” revisits spirituality with the banjo, a backbeat, and the gospel singers. The musician’s point of view is depicted in the bluesy jazz feel of “Outside Looking In.” You can almost see the cigarette smoke rise to the ceiling of the club as the first notes of tenor sax fill the air. Stepping into to the spotlight with pride, a crusty old jazz singer sings of his life on ‘the outside’ happy that he never gave in to the status quo. “When I Think Of You” is a 1930s style tune that incorporates banjo, clarinet, and ukulele in a whimsical love song that evokes the feeling of that bygone era. Inspired solos such as the raucous banjo solo on “Who’s The Lord Get To Talk To?” add a jam band quality to this disquieting tune where God asks man whom He can talk to. The waltz ballad “When We Make Love” has Rock-Gospel overtones as profound as they are beautiful. Materialism is explored and ‘something just ain’t right ’in “Ain’t Nobody Normal Anymore.” It is best described as a yuppie lament. The album concludes with a beautiful jazz ballad entitled “After All” that incorporates the five-string banjo with strings and oboe. It shows that the banjo in the hands of a master can indeed compliment any song and sounds ‘right at home.’

“We All Need Heroes” is a wonderfully diverse album with great songs and performances by Tim Lake and his band. The banjos, whether four or five string, thread seamlessly through a tapestry of American music that is at once humorous, thought-provoking, reflective, engaging, and always entertaining. Please give this recording a serious listen and discover the music of an American artist that we can truly all be proud of; Tim Lake .

For more information contact: Max Horowitz, Crossover Media,



Tim has signed a new national distribution deal with Synergy Distribution, Inc. from Denver, Colorado.

Tim Lake will be in Ireland from June 30 through July 27, 2005, traveling throughout the country. He will perform in Kildare , Ireland as part of the Lexington , Kentucky and Kildare , Ireland ‘s Sister Cities Twentieth Anniversary Celebration to be held from July 5 through July 15, 2005. He will also perform at the Hooves and Grooves Festival in Wexford , Ireland to be held July 8 through July 10.